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Employee communication and knowledge platform PIIPE

All news, information, videos and knowledge in one intelligent, mobile platform and app

Tell memorable stories, publish corporate news and videos, transfer knowledge, offer new methods to learn and collect feedback. Our platform PIIPE allows the creation of a personalized information and knowledge base for your employees, customers and business partners in a short time.

In the form of a digital magazine, news or video portal, or as a social intranet, your information is published and illustrated in a playful and appealing way – adapted to your individual design.

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With PIIPE, you provide your employees or customers with – what they call – a modern form of communication.

The digital lifestyle is changing our habits, especially how we read, inform ourselves and learn. Most of us desire information that directly match our tasks and interests, preferably when the situation and time suits us.


What our customers say

We decided to work with NEOCOSMO because PIIPE supports employee communication in an optimal manner and best suits our needs. We are more than satisfied with the result.

Sibylle Wirth, Festo AG & Co. KG

The cooperation with NEOCOSMO was very constructive. The professional and creative implementation creates a solid foundation of trust for future projects.

Jörg Karrenbauer, Villeroy&Boch AG

Working together NEOCOSMO, we benefited most of all from the experience of the project team in the higher education sector. An online magazine tailored to our needs was developed and went live quickly and smoothly. Moreover, the regular updates allowed us to keep our offering constantly up-to-date for our readers.

Katrin Müller, TU Kaiserslautern

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