Microsoft Solutions

MS Azure Cloud und Media Services

PIIPE can operate in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for our customer companies. In this case, the services offered by MS Azure, such as the ADFS Integration or the Azure Media Service for the secure video management, will be fully utilized. In addition, the Caching and CDN Services of Azure offer a high-performance operation of PIIPE while a large number of users are using the platform at the same time. PIIPE offers in cooperation with MS Azure a highly secure and reliable cloud service in a global setting.

NEOCOSMO optimized PIIPE for the implementation in the MS Azure Cloud. This enables the use of MS Azure Media Services such as the video management. MS Azure authentification services can also be connected with PIIPE.

PIIPE integrated with MS collaboration solutions like SharePoint and Yammer

The PIIPE platform supports the target-oriented, systematic and social communication in the companies. In combination with solutions like MS Yammer, articles and posts published on PIIPE can be shared within peer-to-peer groups and instigate discussions on different topics.

NEOCOSMO Partnership with Microsoft

NEOCOSMO has been a member of the Microsoft Partner Networks since its foundation phase and developed thanks to this cooperation its technological capacities.