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AWO “Gut zu Wissen”

The goal: to reach employees more effectively, to involve volunteers more closely, and to promote exchange among them. And all this in a platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

AWO “Gut zu Wissen” at a glance

Ready to help and always available – that is the AWO in Saarland. The regional association of the AWO in Saarland is the provider of social assistance through 310 institutions with about 5200 employees and about 14,000 volunteers. To reach them all at every time is a challenge that the AWO has taken on together with NEOCOSMO.

Initial Situation

Ready to help and always on hand – that is the AWO in Saarland. The regional association of the AWO in Saarland is a provider of social assistance through 310 facilities with around 5200 employees. The AWO is always ready to listen to its employees and their suggestions. Together with NEOCOSMO GmbH, the AWO implemented the project awo-gutzuwissen.de. The background of the project was to achieve faster and more efficient communication, which is absolutely necessary becaus of the size of the association. Employees must be able to be reached both at work and on the road/mobile. Particularly in the current Corona crisis, “AWO – Gut zu wissen” supports managers and employees in obtaining information in a quick and targeted manner.

The Solution

AWO Saarland uses PIIPE, including the appropriate app, as an intranet solution and for internal communication. Employees are informed about the latest news of the association and are able to exchange information with all employees in the social stream, the so-called AWO dialog. Group logic is used to ensure that information and communication is targeted to specific groups. For example, employees in the executives group have exclusive access to information relevant to them in the form of an access-restricted area in “AWO – Gut zu wissen”. Assignment to the groups takes place via a user attribute from the central Active Directory, but can also be maintained manually via PIIPE. The executive group also has its own social stream for exchanging information with each other.

All employees are able to search for colleagues via the employee directory and then contact them via various channels. Filters by service area make it possible to quickly find a substitute for onsite services in case of acute need. In addition to company news and events, internal job offers are also integrated.

The intranet solution is used by AWO Saarland both in form of a responsive web service and a mobile app for Android and iPhone devices. More and More AWO employees are working in various external facilities and less in the office at the computer. It is therefore important to purposefully reach this large target group within the company.
AWO Saarland uses PIIPE Workplace not only for more efficient topdown communication, but also to better network employees and to enable them to share knowledge with each other. Through that, they are able to develop new ideas together.”AWO – Gut zu wissen” is the starting point for a new communication in the company.
After a successful pilot phase with the delegation levels 1 and 2 of the AWO, the use of the portal was extended to delegation level 3 as well as the district and local associations and has been in productive oeration since the beginning of 2018. The mobile app was introduced in 2019 and is now a daily used component of staff information and retention. It is regularly extended to include more and more employee services for non-desk staff.


  • More efficient top-down communication

  • Stronger networking between employees and volunteers

  • Improved knowledge sharing and joint idea development

  • awo-gutzuwissen.de is the starting point for new communication in the company