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Feasibility Study

for an (inter-)national platform for university teaching

On behalf of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (Higher Education Forum for Digitization), the mmb Institute, in collaboration with NEOCOSMO, investigated from December 2017 to May 2018 whether, and if so, how and with what effort a cross-university platform for digital teaching in Germany can be reasonably realized. The results of the feasibility study are available for download here.

The networked classroom

On the way to the digital school

Digitization is changing learning like almost no other social development before. Digital education describes how the educational process is changing with the use of digital media. This white paper describes the technical basis and outlines how teacher training can succeed. Finally, examples of learning with digital media are described.

Welcome „Digital Lifestyle“

Opportunities and design options for education providers

Education providers must face the challenges posed by the changing digital lifestyle and the digitization of our society. The whitepaper provides an overview of the expected developments as well as examples of guidelines.

Digital magazine for companies

New ways of information, communication and knowledge transfer with the platform PIIPE

A digital employee or customer magazine makes it easier to deal with today’s flood of information. With solutions such as NEOCOSMO’s product PIIPE, a company can operate its own magazine in its own layout within just a few weeks and realize it cost-effectively.

Digital magazine for universities

New instrument for profile creation, communication and marketing

This document shows why a university should introduce a digital campus magazine and which benefits a digital magazine can bring with it. With NEOCOSMO’s PIIPE solution, a university can operate its own magazine in its own layout within just a few weeks and implement it cost-effectively.