From strategy to selection up to implementation

Educational Technologies – that’s what we are familiar with

Digital education technologies are developing dynamically. The selection of the right solutions, their good integration and usability are key success factors. The NEOCOSMO founders have many years of experience in the EdTech sector and provide technology-neutral advice to find the right learning strategy for your company.

Our Objective: Good learning experiences with the right overall solution

Modern educational tecnologies offer a wide range of opportunities, but it can cost a lot of money. With the rigth strategy, a good concept, meaningful didactics and an effective strategy, companies are able to achieve a lot – and save money at the same time. Create learning experiences for you users!

Digital learning offers will become standard in companies, while face-to-face learning should have the character of a “premium” service. So the concepts and offers for digital learning have to be desgined in a way that they can be implemented in the daily business and work routine in a quick and efficient way.

Videos are increasingly becoming a universal format for digital education. Learning management and student lifecycle management systems are important platforms. Comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge and micro-learning portals where everyone can look up and access contents informally are becoming an essential key element.

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