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Innovative through research

How can communication and learning be improved with artificial intelligence?

As a spin-off of the DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken, research is in our genes.

Stifterverband Auszeichnung NEOCOSMO

Our research agenda

We invest in our product development with commitment and passion and research AI-based communication and learning methods. In research projects, we think in the long term, test new approaches, gain expertise and constantly expand our partner network. Because research and development is in our DNA.

Current research and development projects

KI Campus – The Learning Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Novel educational platform KI-Campus The AI Campus has been developed as a modern, intelligent educational platform for AI knowledge since October 2019 with significant participation of NEOCOSMO. In November 2018, the German government adopted its strategy "Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz (KI)" thereby setting a framework for a holistic political design of the further development and application of artificial intelligence in Germany. The intention is to make Germany and Europe a leading AI location. [...]

TeachAssist – Learning with the help of an AI-based assistance service.

TeachAssist Learning with the help of an AI-based assistance service Digital assistance services that use artificial intelligence methods to help users in a specific situation are seen by experts as the next generation of digital knowledge technologies (Bersin, Wahlster, et al.). The focus of many developments is on new search and help techniques, use of voice control, etc. The goal of the ASSIST project is to develop an AI-based assistance service as a [...]

AKKORD – Online Knowledge Service for Industrial Data Science

AKKORD Online Knowledge Service for Industrial Data Science In the research project "AKKORD", an integrated, data-driven reference toolkit for industrial data analysis is being developed and realized as a collaborative service platform. Interim goals of the project include competence development and competence assurance in value creation networks, the analysis of industrial data and the creation of an overarching database. NEOCOSMO will develop a digital knowledge service based on the PIIPE platform. This will [...]

Innovations from completed research projects

SOPAssist – The service platform for multimedia SOPs

SOPAssist The service platform for multimedia SOPs A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP for short) is a documented work instruction that describes standardized procedures for the manufacture of products relevant for approval. It also includes the testing of results and their documentation, especially in [...]

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