Compliance knowledge with DHC Business Solutions

DHC Vision

Ensure that your employees have compliance knowledge

Until now, simple read confirmation has been sufficient as proof that employees are aware of the relevant rules and regulations for development and production, namely the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). However, in the mid-term, companies will have to fulfill their regulatory proof obligations in a totally different way. With interactive online tests that are part of the training and certification processes, the Software DHC VISION offers a future-proof solution for this purpose. This solution is developed by DHC Business Solutions in cooperation with NEOCOSMO GmbH on the basis of the PIIPE platform (DHC Training Management).

DHC Business Solutions with its head office in Saarbrücken is one of the leading suppliers of software solutions and consultancy services in quality and process management as well as governance, risk and compliance in the german-speaking area. Numerous companies are using DHC VISION as a management system in order to meet the increasing demands due to quality standards, norms and legal requirements.

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