Making future competencies accessible in networked educational spaces

The research project “Future-Skills-Journey (FSJ)” aims to make learning opportunities on future skills accessible in the networked education space of the National Education Platform (NBP).

The aim of the project is to establish a topic portal for future skills with a link to the National Education Platform. Existing quality-assured teaching/learning offerings from funding programs and projects of the project partner Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e. V. will be linked and curated into Future Skills Journeys as part of the project.

Our task as a technology partner lies in particular in the technical implementation of the topic portal, which is to make it possible to combine learning offers from various, selected LMS platforms via LMS connectors to form the Future-Skills-Journey (FSJ) and to integrate them via various interfaces into the meta-platform National Education Platform.

Target group-oriented learning paths across institutions, formats and technologies, individual learning paths as well as rights-free content for pupils, students and professionals are to be made available on the platform, so that the Future Skills Journey in the national digital education space will gradually emerge as part of the project.

Future skills are still rarely considered in traditional curricula, which is why they are particularly suitable for extra-curricular learning opportunities. Accordingly, the target group-oriented learning paths are directed at different target groups such as pupils in transition to university, students and graduates in transition to work. In addition, the learning paths are suitable as further training offers for employees in companies.

The Future Skills Journey (FSJ) benefits from the insights gained in the design of the AI Campus. In terms of content and with its institution-independent focus, the Future Skills Journey (FSJ) is intended to make a valuable contribution with regard to transitions in educational biographies to meet the educational and labor market requirements in the area of future skills.


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