Novel educational platform


The AI Campus has been developed as a modern, intelligent educational platform for AI knowledge since October 2019 with significant participation of NEOCOSMO.

In November 2018, the German government adopted its strategy “Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz (KI)” thereby setting a framework for a holistic political design of the further development and application of artificial intelligence in Germany. The intention is to make Germany and Europe a leading AI location. At the same time, responsible and public welfare-oriented development and use of AI is to be ensured. As part of this AI strategy, clear goals have also been defined for the training of AI skills in Germany. Part of the measures is to be a digital learning platform that creates nationwide access to high-quality learning opportunities.

Fittingly, in 2018, the Higher Education Forum on Digitization published a “Feasibility Study for an (Inter)National Platform for Higher Education Teaching” that outlines possible scenarios for a nationwide digital learning platform.

Three possible variants were outlined there:

  • Variant A: Nationwide portal with networked platform services
  • Variant B: Topic portal with integrated nationwide education platform
  • Variant C: An open, networked education platform with a nationwide portal and integrated topic channels for study and in-service lifelong learning offerings.

Aim and Methodology

The joint project “AI Campus – The Learning Platform for Artificial Intelligence” is intended to link the AI strategy with the development scenarios already outlined in the area of digitization in higher education. In this context, a “light” version of variant C is to be implemented, which, in the sense of variant B, will initially have a clear thematic focus on AI.

This structure will be accompanied in terms of concept and content by a network of stakeholders from universities, research, business and society, which will be integrated into the project work via various measures. Within the framework of a three-year pilot phase, an ecosystem for the teaching of AI competencies supported by a broad network is thus to be created, through which long-term conditions for success and acceptance for a nationwide teaching/learning platform could be identified and tested across the board.

Guiding principles

The project partners have formulated six guiding principles for the prototypical development of the AI Campus:

  1. Technical interoperability and cooperation with other platforms and initiatives are considered guiding principles for the implementation of the AI Campus.
  2. Learners and learning processes form the center of the offerings (shift from teaching to learning).
  3. The didactic concepts for the KI-Campus are sustainable, innovative and include social learning formats.
  4. The platform is based on agile, participative and user-oriented product development.
  5. The platform offerings themselves use AI processes (such as learning analytics and recommendation systems) and offer a high level of clarity, personalizability and adaptivity.
  6. All learning offerings created and technologies used follow the principle of openness of resources and source codes.