Saarbrücken, 20th of May 2024

KVNO’s claim: A modern intranet with high security standards.


NEOCOSMO developed “KVNO Inside” on the basis of PIIPE Workplace. Built on a cloud server and protected by VPN access, Inside offers a digital environment with the highest security standards for sensitive data. At the same time, KNVNO Inside expands the possibilities for employees and offers

  • A central communication platform: Inside is the central point of contact for company news and enables decentralized news feeds for specific departments.
  • Promoting collaboration: Communities and integrated applications support quick access to important processes, tools and specialist knowledge.
  • Accessibility and organization: An employee directory with integrated organization chart facilitates access to contact persons. Faceted search and an internal job market optimize information procurement.
  • Direct access to important information: Menus and a comprehensive document directory for quality management can be called up directly and automatically from the connected systems.

Together, KVNO and NEOCOSMO are setting new standards in the healthcare sector in the design of working environments that increase productivity, promote exchange and support a future-oriented working culture – without losing sight of data protection.

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