Video Management System by Mastersolution

Mastersolution VMS

Your Corporate Video Portal with PIIPE and Mastersolution

Videos are always at the forefront of modern communication. A Video Mangement System (VMS) like the one by Mastersolution is an important addition to PIIPE in case videos cannot be integrated via open video services like YouTube, but have to be managed securely in an organization. In this case, the VMS serves as a secure video service for PIIPE. It saves the video files and ensures the streaming in accordance with the bandwidth of the user. It also encodes the videos directly during the upload for various devices and provides different resolutions for the optimal usage of the bandwidth.

The Mastersolution VMS and PIIPE work perfectly together. The videos are hosted in the VMS while PIIPE presents them in an appealing portal. Video channels can be published and the users can follow them. In PIIPE, videos can be published in a video portal or can be integrated into articles. Videos in PIIPE can also be refined with additional information, texts or further interactive content.


Video Tube of the BITKOM Academy – Success Story

The demand for further education in the digital sector increases constantly. The BITKOM Academy is an institution for further education that promotes these topics by offering a comprehensive range of seminars.

The BITKOM Academy offers free learning videos on digital topics via the Video Tube platform, which was realized with PIIPE and Mastersolution. The objective is to offer the seminar participants an open knowledge service where the users can subscribe in order to stay current all the time. The platform, which was realized with PIIPE, manages the videos in the Mastersolution VMS where the encoding of the videos for different devices and the streaming takes place.

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