Whitepaper “Digitales Magazin für Hochschulen”

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About the whitepaper

Even before getting up, the first glance is at the cell phone. Then take a shower and start the computer – this is often how a normal day in the life of the “Internet generation” begins. Many first read their e-mails and news from social networks, then news from all over the world via various Internet portals. Today, laptops, tablets and smartphones are much more than a way to communicate with each other: they are a gaming device, a source of information, a work aid and a learning platform that are part of life.

The “digital lifestyle” not only affects media use, but above all brings new challenges – not least for education providers such as universities. A digital university magazine offers many opportunities to meet these challenges.

This document illustrates why a university should introduce a digital campus magazine and what advantages it offers.

It also discusses the fact that implementing a digital university magazine is no longer a time-consuming project. With the solution PIIPE, a product of NEOCOSMO GmbH, a university can run its own magazine in its own layout and realize it cost-efficiently in just a few weeks.

Authors: Dr. Volker Zimmermann, Sophia Schwär, Katharina Freitag (NEOCOSMO GmbH)
Publication date: December 2015