Saarbrücken 09 April 2024

Stifterverband launches digital learning centre for future skills

Get ready for your personal Future Skills Journey now! Together with us as a technology partner, the Stifterverband provides suitable online learning opportunities free of charge as a digital learning centre for future skills. Let’s go!

Realised with the NEOCOSMO platform PIIPE


With the Future Skills Journey, learners can acquire relevant future skills anytime, anywhere. The free learning journeys are aimed at school pupils, students and professionals. Online courses, videos, podcasts or small, flexible learning packages – the media archive can also be used by teachers in schools and universities or by companies as a further training channel.

Future skills are cross-industry abilities, skills and characteristics that will become more important in all areas of professional and personal life in the coming years. In addition to technological skills such as artificial intelligence, the Future Skills Journey focuses primarily on transformative and traditional skills (including the ability to innovate, judgement and resilience) as well as key digital skills (handling digital media and data). However, the programme also focuses on social challenges, such as the topic of “Thinking and acting democratically”.

For the Future Skills Journey, the Stifterverband curates existing, high-quality future skills learning programmes from other providers and makes them available on the digital learning platform with us as technology partner NEOCOSMO. “The Future Skills Journey utilises excellent existing learning opportunities and creates new access for pupils, students and lifelong learners via the learning journeys – this is an important contribution to making us fit for shaping the transformation,” says Andrea Frank, Deputy Secretary General of the Stifterverband. “The teaching of future skills is still being neglected or not taught quickly enough in traditional curricula. This is where the Future Skills Journey can be a great help.”

In addition to the wide range of teaching and learning opportunities, a network for stakeholders and interested parties from science, schools and business is also being established around the topic of future skills. Here they will have the opportunity to exchange information on trends and best practice examples, further develop the digital learning centre and produce new teaching materials.

The Future Skills Journey is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU and supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim is to make the learning opportunities on future skills accessible in the BMBF’s networked educational space “” with us as technology partner NEOCOSMO.

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