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Zeitzeug:innen im Saarland | Erinnerung. Multimedial.

For this special project we realized a multimedia online platform. A new multimedia project thematically dedicated to the recent history of the Saarland, using digital, modern technologies.

Zeitzeug:innen im Saarland | Erinnerung. Multimedial. at a glance

The project “Zeitzeug:innen im Saarland | Erinnerung. Multimedial.” is under the patronage of the President of the Saarland Parliament, Stephan Toscani, and is sponsored by the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family.

Initial Situation

Contemporary witnesses are people who can testify to certain historical events because they have personally experienced the time in question. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine history lessons, extracurricular political education, museum work, television and the Internet without these people. Contemporary witnesses make history tangible and experienceable.

The Saarland has a very special and eventful history in its importance as a business location, as a border region and as the youngest federal state in Germany. The project “Zeitzeug:innen im Saarland | Erinnerung. Multimedial.” has taken on the task of recording conversations with contemporary witnesses from various social sectors in Saarland in order to preserve their memories and experiences for posterity. In this way, a unique virtual place of remembrance of Saarland history is to be created, which is intended to have an identity- and community-building effect.

The Solution

Dealing with one’s own history is one of the most important issues of today’s societies. The culture of remembrance manifests what is determined to be worth remembering and by which memories, events and rites the culture of a region or nation is shaped. Through it, we create community and identity.

The project wants to create a virtual place of remembrance especially for the Saarland in order to maintain memories of the eventful and eventful history of this region.

The virtual, multimedia presentation form on an online platform has the advantage that the content is available to all interested parties at any time. Thanks to the multimedia nature of our PIIPE platform, media and content of various kinds – films, images, newspaper clippings, etc. – can be juxtaposed and meaningfully complement the testimonies of contemporary witnesses and embed them in a historical context.


  • Creation of a virtual and multimedia place of remembrance

  • Strengthening the Saarland identity and community

  • Promoting media and digital literacy

  • Creation of an online platform with materials from more than 70 years of Saarland history for schools, universities and private individuals