Online Knowledge Service for Industrial Data Science

In the research project “AKKORD”, an integrated, data-driven reference toolkit for industrial data analysis is being developed and realized as a collaborative service platform. Interim goals of the project include competence development and competence assurance in value creation networks, the analysis of industrial data and the creation of an overarching database. NEOCOSMO will develop a digital knowledge service based on the PIIPE platform. This will provide micro-courses and other learning material, as well as final tests and the possibility of a certificate exhibition. Application partners in AKKORD include Volkswagen, Miele and ERCO, which will support practical implementation and thus more generalizable results.

Project goal
The aim of the project is to enable companies to profitably apply data analysis – both within the company and across value networks. To this end, an online platform will be developed that includes solutions for comprehensive data integration as well as easy-to-use, standardized data analysis modules and dashboards. In addition, the development and provision of modules for competence analysis and acquisition will lay the foundation for targeted competence enhancement of employees in the area of data analysis.