Saarbrücken September 2023 

“Marie”: App of the AWO Weser-Ems

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INKOMETA award on October 11 in Berlin / For download on all mobile devices / Also available analog for employees, members and interested parties

Big stage for “Marie”:
AWO Weser-Ems app nominated for industry award

WESER-EMS. It already has a great name, but is constantly evolving: “Marie” – the exclusive magazine for employees, members and those interested in the AWO Bezirksverband Weser-Ems and all its facilities – is not only available in printed form, but also digitized as a mobile app with numerous additional features. The latter has now been nominated for the prestigious industry award “INKOMETA”.

Since its founding in 1919, the AWO has been the ear, mouthpiece and support of those in need of help – back then, under German social reformer and women’s rights activist Marie Juchacz, this was not much different than today. What has changed fundamentally, however, are the ways in which target groups can be reached today. In addition to print products that have stood the test of time for decades, AWO has long relied on digital communication channels such as its website and social media. The latest member of the family at the AWO Bezirksverband Weser-Ems is the mobile app “Marie,” which is based on the print magazine of the same name, but goes far beyond the previous portfolio in terms of topicality, orientation and user-friendliness.

“We ruled out the classic ‘leaflet catalog’ or a rigid PDF document right from the start,” says AWO association coordinator Karin Koll – in charge of the joint planning with the agency “Neocosmo” from Saarbrücken. “The result is a digital solution that gives all our committed people in facilities, associations and clubs a face and, in addition, the permanent opportunity to receive information about news, events and a wide variety of topics related to their AWO Weser-Ems.”

Multi-channel magazine justifies advance trust

The intuitive operation, a modern design and the flexibility that serves the output are apparently further reasons why the jury of the “Inkometa Award” has now placed the AWO app on the current shortlist of potential 2023 award winners. Inkometa honors ways and means of successful internal communication – like here in the category “Best employee magazine digital / eMaz”. Only the e-magazine of a well-known drugstore giant still stands between the digital “Marie” and the plain wooden award.

“When we decided to merge predecessor products such as ‘AWO Report’ and ‘Mittendrin’ into a professional magazine that meets modern demands, this was of course a huge step – for both creators and consumers,” says Thore Wintermann (Director of Association and Politics at AWO Bezirksverband Weser-Ems), “but the multi-channel magazine Marie and the team behind it have absolutely justified the advance trust.”

Crossmediality and data security as decisive factors

The decision to use the resource-saving app was also based on the special AWO structures in the Weser-Ems catchment area: Most of the 4,200 full-time employees and more than 1,700 volunteers are rarely stationary in their daily work, but understandably want to stay informed while on the move. This also applies to the many members, who number almost five figures. So anyone who has downloaded the app stays up to date on news in and from the AWO.

“In this way, the app contributes to the goal of establishing an open as well as employee-, member- and volunteer-friendly communication culture,” says Volker Zimmermann of Neocosmo, “and even more: For AWO Weser-Ems, the focus is on the security that no personal data is collected when using the app. This was a central requirement for our project. Thus, the sending of push messages is dispensed with – but dates, stories and insights into the overall association are still set for ‘pick-up’.” And that as pure text contributions, as video formats, audio files, picture galleries or also via further links. “We are happy and proud to be able to provide cross-media content and news to all those interested in our AWO Weser-Ems – always against the backdrop of our traditional core values of freedom, justice, equality, solidarity and tolerance,” says Thore Wintermann. Whether the ‘Marie’ app can also score points with the “big players” in the industry with its work and heart will be shown in the upcoming jury meeting. The top-class decision-making panel includes the heads of internal communications at Deutsche Post DHL, Volkswagen, Henkel and DB Fernverkehr AG. The award ceremony will take place on October 11 in Berlin.


The AWO Marie app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and for Apple devices – simply download it at

The AWO Weser-Ems district association

The AWO Weser-Ems Bezirksverband with its well over 4000 employees between the North Sea and the Osnabrück region offers social services in more than 80 facilities around care, childcare, psychosocial participation and counseling. As a political association, it represents the interests of the people in the region and is committed to a democratic and just society.

The “Marie” app from AWO Weser-Ems is nominated for the Inkometa Award. Image rights: AWO Weser-Ems. Publication with this press release free of charge.