From strategy to implementation

Design and implementation of solutions for internal communication

We are not just an implementation partner, but also work with you from strategy to rollout and accompany change management processes. In addition, we offer implementation consulting for partner solutions from SAP and Microsoft.

Reaching employees better with an integrated overall concept

Flexible solutions between office, home office and mobile work are in demand in companies. No matter where your employees work from, they need to have the opoortunity to succeed.

Usually, there is not one solution for everything. A variety of solutions comes into effect. These often include a social intranet as the access door for all information, a digital employee magazine, an employee app, the integration of business solutions, the integration of SAP, the use of Office, and even the mapping of digital processes for applications.

The solutions have to fit the specific needs and the corporate culture, to be designed for maximum efficiency, to be easy for everyone to use, and at the same time to be highly secure. In most cases, solutions are already in place that need to be taken into account.

When developing the solution architecture, we look at the technologies that best suit you. Because in addition to our own Workplace technologies, we also have excellent knowledge of the world of Microsoft (M365, Sharepoint, MS Teams). We are also an SAP SE implementation partner and are very familiar with SAP Jam as collaboration software and SAP Work Zone as SAP employee portal technology.

Our Consulting Services