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The digital lifestyle in the private sector also requires the use of contemporary communication methods in the business environment. The user’s expectations on companies are rising. What’s taken for granted in private sectors – e.g. a digital magazine as a news service or social networks as a communication platform – shouldn’t be missing in companies anymore. Especially since those solutions can boost productivity and efficiency. However, the solutions must be adapted to the needs and the culture of the respective company, designed for maximum efficiency, and useful for everyone while being highly secure at the same time.

Communication strategies and solutions geared to the target group and able to prevent an information overload, are becoming more and more important. Whether it is a digital employee magazine, a video portal or a social intranet, the effects of those solutions for the improvement of the communication culture are high. They enhance the productivity of the employees and reduce the communication costs of the organization.

Our consulting services

Success Story EUROCONTROL, Maastricht

Performance through Innovation

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The Maastricht Upper Area Control Center (MUAC) employs approximately 1.000 people. A new concept of the intranet of Eurocontrol was designed on the basis of NEOCOSMO solution, PIIPE, and a social intranet as a news and communication platform was developed. Employees stay current on the latest news of their company and get informed about the most important activities. The social exchange and teamwork are supported. Operative support tools like room booking and carpooling are also integrated. In addition, employees can have access to information such as the menu in the company’s canteen or other important company’s applications including SharePoint. The solution is expanded steadily with social communication tools.

Our services for Eurocontrol:

  • Conception of social intranet

  • Design and specification

  • Realization

  • Services and further development

Success Story AXA Insurance, Winterthur

Personalised Expert Knowledge Service

Since the foundation of NEOCOSMO, we are working with AXA Insurance company in Winterthur (CH). This collaboration had a significant impact on the development of PIIPE. The way AXA offers its expert knowledge services within the company today and how it works with external general agencies and brokers has completely changed. Information is published in a knowledge and information magazine tailored to the target group needs, and the respective recipient gets informed about news related to his/her interests and tasks. Our aim was to reduce information overload, bundle different information channels and deliver expert knowledge in a suitable and effective manner.

Our services for AXA Insurance, Winterthur:

  • Design concept

  • Realization of a personalised news and knowledge magazine

  • Cloud-based software service

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