Saarbrücken, November 13, 2020:

The new digital participation portal for Saarland’s France strategy went online on November 17. The goal is to strengthen citizen participation and create new democratic dialog opportunities on the web and in connection with social media. The technical implementation was carried out by NEOCOSMO GmbH on behalf of the Saarland. NEOCOSMO was awarded the contract after a public tender and implemented the platform digitally in a short time.

The new digital participation portal

Digital participation portal for the France strategy of the Saarland goes online

The third Feuille de Route of the France Strategy (2020-2022), which was adopted in January 2020, has been given a digital participation platform. The online portal offers institutions, organizations, associations and citizens the opportunity to actively participate in the further development of the France Strategy.

“The France strategy plays a central role in Saarland politics. The participation portal is our participation platform for the further development of this important overall social project. We will regularly present new join-in topics and events and look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from the population,” says Minister President Tobias Hans.

In the next two years, as many people as possible are to participate in the concrete implementation of the third Feuille de Route. Users can use the new platform to find out about all 15 chapters of Saarland’s strategy for France, as well as to contribute ideas, suggestions and tips, and to take part in online events. For example, a digital conference will be held on November 19 on the topic of “Multilingualism and Information Technology: Significance for the Greater Region – Contribution of Schools.”

Europe Minister Peter Strobel: “With the participatory portal, our French competence increases again noticeably. It lives from taking part. I would be very pleased if as many citizens as possible would let us participate in their knowledge and ideas and thus take part in the further development of the France strategy.”

The technical basis of the participatory portal is the PIIPE Magazine platform from NEOCOSMO, which has been adapted for these purposes and further developed in terms of dialog options. Volker Zimmermann: “We were very pleased to be able to design and implement this new form of citizen participation. The platform is now available in a first version. It will live from the dialog and activities on the platform and develop accordingly.”