PIIPE Workplace

The Dataportal: Social Intranet from Dataport AöR

Moving together in the digital home

Since May 2022, the 4,800 employees have been using the new social intranet based on the PIIPE Workplace platform. More than 400 editors make content available both centrally and locally. In communities and blogs, everyone can participate in internal communication, exchange and networking.

Overview of the new Dataportal

The New Dataportal of Dataport AöR pursues the following goals:

Interaction and networking: More innovation through rapid networking of employees

Communication: Contemporary, targeted, cross-functional and digital communication in a rapidly growing organization

Engagement: Greater incentive for active participation by employees, intuitive access and self-explanatory operation of the data portal.

Flexibility: Intranet that can map changes at Dataport

Contribution to knowledge transfer: Easier exchange of knowledge and experience

Cooperation: Modern work equipment and workrooms as well as document management

Initial Situation

In April 2021, the starting signal was given for Dataport AöR’s extensive social intranet project. The strengths of Dataport could only be mapped to a limited extent with the previous intranet. The hierarchically organized, partly inflexible intranet with centrally controlled editorial processes and a lack of consideration of central motives of the employees was to be replaced. The goal of the overall project was to jointly design a new digital home and thus promote networking within the organization.

The Solution

The project was implemented by NEOCOSMO in cooperation with Data One GmbH as change management partner. The PIIPE platform and the underlying open source CMS Drupal now form the basis of the newly launched “Dataportal”. Data One provided the comprehensive communication and change management concepts for the widespread acceptance of the new digital home for the IT service provider and its employees.

Over a period of 15 months, the 60-strong project team worked in a total of six sub-projects on the topics of social intranet, SharePoint, content migration, communication & change management, infrastructure, and innovation and project management. The collaboration took place completely digitally in the form of workshops and regular jour fixes along an agile working method.

Parallel to the development of the social intranet and the migration of the content, a decentralized editorial team was established. To this end, around 400 editors and administrators for the new social intranet were sought, found and trained within the organization. Surveys, open office hours, and a four-week test phase before go-live with a heterogeneous test user group of 100 employees served as important measures for acceptance testing and assurance. This was achieved through appropriate feedback channels, workshops and a specially developed feedback catalog on technical and soft factors in the project. In the end, the internal and external teams were able to complete the project with great success.


  • Internal communication serves corporate news as well as decentralized (mandatory) news channels.

  • Communities, which were jointly developed with Dataport, map interest groups in the form of a forum and group-specific content.

  • Blogs play an important role in the Dataportal. Anyone can open a blog and contribute to corporate knowledge and exchange.

  • Like content, share news, write comments, never miss a thing – with the integrated social functions, this is possible in the new data portal.

  • All applications accessible: Access to relevant business applications is possible from every page.

  • SharePoint as a collaboration platform is fully integrated via the Dataportal.

  • An intelligent, faceted search as well as directories for rule sets, projects provide quick access to important information.

Group picture-Dataportal team-at the Inkometa award ceremony in Berlin 2022

Photo left: Representatives of Dataport, NEOCOSMO and Data One at the Inkometa award ceremony in Berlin 2022; Photo right: Certificate.

2022 nominated as “Best Digital Workplace” (Inkometa)