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The learning platform for artificial intelligence

Get to know AI, study AI, apply AI – these are the goals of the learning platform KI-Campus based on PIIPE Learning.

KI Campus at a glance

The Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform is designed to enable learners to understand, question, and shape AI. It is aimed at students, professionals and all other lifelong learners interested in AI.

Initial Situation

Artificial intelligence is a key technology that is playing an increasingly important role in the economy and in our everyday lives. The “KI Campus” pilot project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims to improve the competent use of AI and to strengthen AI competence in Germany in general. To this end, in future high-quality digital and thematically relevant learning opportunities will be made available to the general public free of charge on a platform.

The Solution

The platform KI-Campus is technologically realized by NEOCOSMO in cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute HPI in Potsdam. The learning portal with the course offering is based on the NEOCOSMO platform PIIPE and the open source CMS Drupal 8/9. The learning platform is developed and operated by the HPI. The interaction of the portal and the learning platform makes it possible to combine courses on third-party platforms such as international MOOC platforms with KI-Campus’ own courses, the so-called KI-Campus originals.

It offers its own and curated learning opportunities in different topics of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, courses, videos, podcasts and many other formats are available for learners.

But the AI Campus is more than just a digital learning platform: Together with learners, learning offer creators, and AI and didactics experts, we want to advance the teaching of AI competencies. To this end, we support communities and stakeholders on many levels.

We connect learning content creators and support them in the implementation of courses, videos, podcasts and many other teaching and learning formats. We network learners and encourage them to participate with their feedback in the further development of the functions and learning offerings of the KI Campus. In addition, we specifically promote the exchange with experts on the future of AI education and network the AI Campus with other platforms and initiatives – nationwide and internationally.

As a result, multi-layered communities of practice are created, in which actors in all phases of the production and use of AI learning opportunities interact, contribute to the emergence of a vibrant ecosystem on AI competencies and actively shape the AI Campus.

The KI Campus is publicly available. The courses are free of charge and are mainly available as Open Educational Resources.

The launch of the platform is nine months earlier than planned due to the current COVID situation and demand. The learning offers and functionalities of the KI-Campus will be continuously developed and expanded based on feedback and user orientation.


  • Structured content concept with multimedia learning formats

  • Learning Dashboard: Learners receive a personal overview of their current, future, and completed courses as well as their learning progress. They also receive course recommendations and badges.

  • Personalizability: Users can make settings, e.g. activate notifications or follow discussions.

  • Content curation: Compilation of non-self-produced content for active recommendation

  • Free of charge and mostly Open Educational Resources