Perspective 4.0

Digital Competencies for Work and Industry 4.0

The project “Perspective 4.0 – Digital Competencies for Work and Industry 4.0 in the District of Neunkirchen” was to be realized by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmBH (DFKI) in cooperation with NEOCOSMO as a joint project in consortium structure. It consisted of two subprojects, which in interaction make up the overall project “Perspective 4.0”.

Subproject 1 (DFKI)

  • Overall concept and knowledge content for digital competencies and Industry 4.0, overall project management.

Subproject 2 (NEOCOSMO)

  • Implementation of the knowledge services in a platform “Perspective 4.0” and implementation of the individual qualification measure incl. participant and company coaching.

In principle, the project was designed in such a way that the DFKI was responsible for the concept development and realized the learning and knowledge content for Industrie 4.0. NEOCOSMO was responsible for the technological implementation and execution of the qualification measure with on-site activities.
In order to offer users an ideal solution for acquiring knowledge, a knowledge portal was set up and filled with content using NEOCOSMO’s PIIPE platform. On this portal, participants can first register in order to then build up or expand their knowledge according to their own schedule and interests. The aim here was also to incorporate the users’ individual level of knowledge and to offer them flexible options for further individual training. At the same time, the platform should be clearly structured and should give the user an overview of how he or she is developing and at what level of knowledge he or she is. A clear structure was chosen in the form of eight modules, each consisting of an average of six individual items of content. A learning progress indicator in each module allows the learner to keep track of his or her personal progress. At the end of each module, there is a short self-test that queries the user’s knowledge and offers the opportunity for self-assessment. Registration for the online course is free of charge. Short videos, image galleries, infographics and exciting content ensure a varied learning experience.

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