Digital 1st – Print 2nd

PIIPE2Print: Print digital contents in a print magazine

The idea: Select the most important articles from an online magazine and create automatically a PDF template for a print magazine. This is possible with PIIPE2Print which was developed by NEOCOSMO and Satzweiss, the expert for eBook and printing, for the platform PIIPE. The add-on web service of PIIPE is offered as an additional product to our customers. At the same time, is a sales and solutions partner for NEOCOSMO.

Digital First: With PIIPE2Print service, the customers of NEOCOSMO can publish in digital form at any time.

Print Second: Articles can also be published in a print magazine if desired. The basic layout of the magazine is determined at the beginning. In this way, customers can generate for example a group of articles from their online magazine.

The NEOCOSMO Partnership with Satzweiss is an expert in the area of publishing with a high technical expertise when it comes to the generation of contents in different formats. For example, with the software Belbook of Satzweiss, eBooks can be automatically generated out of print documents.