Conception and Implementation of Social Software

The basic principle of social software is the so-called “peer-to-peer communication.” Users who network directly with other users or work in groups or communities, exchange ideas via “posts.” They share documents with others, manage tasks, announce events, and search for documents, people, or content to edit or comment on.

Social software requires a company’s cultural change. Management and employees need an open handling of information and documents.

Our Consulting Services

Success Story Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Berlin

Netzwerk Mittelstand-Digital

To Mittelstand-Digital

Within the framework of Mittelstand-Digital, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports the efficient use of ICT within the framework of the Digital Agenda and the Federal Government’s High-Tech Strategy.

Since March 2017, communication and exchange of projects has been supported by Mittelstand-Digital via the network Mittelstand-Digital platform. The basis of the network is the cloud platform JAM of SAP SE, which was introduced by NEOCOSMO and is technically supported during ongoing operations.

Our Services

  • Implementation SAP Jam Platform (SAP SE)

  • Conception of the cooperation concept in the platform

  • Professional support of the Community Manager

Success Story Villeroy&Boch, Mettlach

Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange in Training

The training of the suppliers, bathroom designers and architects around the V&B products is capitalized in the traditional company from Mettlach. From individual training events to a certificate course lasting several weeks, Villeroy&Boch offers a comprehensive range of services.

Already in the first year of our start-up, Villeroy&Boch started working with NEOCOSMO. The result is a technology-based training approach, which consists of two components: The first component is the use of social platforms in the training area to accompany courses in which the participants have to work together for weeks. The second component is the digital Villeroy&Boch training magazine “hands-on!”, in which V&B suppliers and partners can obtain valuable information about new products and at the same time acquire knowledge systematically.

Our Services:

  • Needs analysis for digital technologies in the training sector

  • Conception of a social software for the training area

  • Concept and realization of the training magazine “hands-on!”

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