Saarbrücken 13th of May 2024

Swiss media group Ringier goes live with PIIPE Workplace as a modern intranet

Ringier AG, the largest media publisher in Switzerland, relies on NEOCOSMO’s PIIPE Workplace for an efficient, multilingual intranet that not only automates editorial processes but also strengthens the corporate culture


The editorial management of online portals is part of the daily business of a media group such as Ringier AG, the largest media publisher in Switzerland. The fact that such a group has chosen PIIPE Workplace as its intranet solution is a special honor. Ringier knows the editorial and communications business better than almost any other company. NEOCOSMO was able to prevail in a tough competition and win Ringier as a customer in 2023.

This time came in December 2023. The Ringier intranet went live with three clients for three independent business units. Particular attention was paid to efficient editorial processes during the launch:

  • Automated, AI-supported translation processes and editorial workflows helped to provide a multilingual intranet solution in the shortest possible time. Not everything has to be translated automatically. The process can be selected individually for each piece of content. Manual intervention is possible in machine translations. The company’s glossary is taken into account.
  • News and content from central shared service areas can be automatically distributed across several clients and independent subsidiaries.
  • Editorial groups enable the control and management of decentralized editorial responsibilities.
  • Authorization groups make it possible to make content accessible only to certain business units.
  • The integration of a job portal into the intranet also ensures that current job vacancies are visible to employees in the system, thus supporting internal career development and employee retention.

In addition, the system has an innovative wiki function that allows users to create content directly in the front end, while certain administrative tasks are reserved exclusively for editors in the back end.

“We are proud to work with Ringier and provide a platform that not only improves internal communication and collaboration, but also strengthens the corporate culture across the Group’s various brands and companies,” says Volker Zimmermann, CEO of NEOCOSMO. Ringier is also a company that has clear ideas and demands that we, as a service provider, are always at the cutting edge of technology. We are sure that Ringier will also use many of the AI functions that we have on the roadmap on the intranet. Ringier is also a company that likes to provide impetus in order to participate in new developments as early as possible.