PIIPE as Cloud solution

Secure, scalable cloud architecture with a full service package

We want our costumers to concentrate exclusively on their content and their editorial activities. We will take care of the software. That is why PIIPE including regular updates and wide-ranging further developments and support services is offered on the basis of a monthly subscription.

This software service includes:

  • Operation in a secure and scalable IT infrastructure in ISO 27001 certificated data centers
  • Application management during operation
  • Maintenance and technical support including support portal
  • Regular delivery of software updates

PIIPE allows the integration into the customer’s infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory) and linking to internal solutions, such as Social enterprise solutions.

Flexible deployment options

Are there any rules, which may concern my organisation and which have to be respected? What costs are occur? How much time remains until the launch of the solution? How is the existing infrastructure? How can maintenance and support be simplified as far as possible?

One of the most important decisions concerning the implementation of a digital communication platform is the delivery method. Cloud based? On premise within the own computer center? There are many aspects that should be considered. NEOCOSMO offers both options – depending on customers’ preferences.

By default, PIIPE is offered as cloud service. This has several advantages. You can realize your own communication solution very quickly and economically.

Customers receive their own PIIPE platform instance within a scalable overall architecture. Customer’s data are stored in a secure encrypted data base. Operation, maintenance and care of the platform is performed by NEOCOSMO as a software service. As soon as a new software version is available, it is provided to customers. In this way, all customers, who use our platform benefit from new functionalities.

The NEOCOSMO Cloud is operated in an ICO 27001 certificated secured computer center. Federal and EU-laws on data protection are fully respected.

NEOCOSMO provides the application management, which means that the technical operation of the platform an its availability is guaranteed (97% availability except for announced maintenance work and service windows).

For the cloud solution it is rather simple to explain the system requirements from customer’s and the user’s point of view. You need an HMTL5- and CSS3-capable browser. In general, editors and users should dispose of a browser that includes an official ongoing software support by the manufacturers.

Upon request, we offer the installation of PIIPE on the servers of our customers. The operator hosts the application and possibly business-critical data in it’s own computer center, which means that data physically stay within the facility’s grounds. Installation, care and maintenance of the software, as well as updates and application management is optionally still provided by NEOCOSMO as a remote service.

More information or demo system?

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