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The Festo WeNet

For you – with you!

Employees from Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT) and Corporate Communication (CC) meet… this is the constellation in which the Social Intranet project at Festo began. A new path was taken towards personalized and interactive communication.

The Festo WeNet at a glance

Winner in the category “Best Social Intranet” 2020

Festo has become a long-standing customer for NEOCOSMO. In addition to the Festo “People.Net”, the digital employee magazine, and in addition to the press portal, we faced the challenge of developing the worldwide Festo Social Intranet based on our platform PIIPE.

Initial Situation

The old WeNet consisted of severely outdated content, “end of life” technology, was not mobile-enabled, and communication was one-way and rigid. The mission was clear: new technology, new concept, new design, new content and features like liking and commenting.

The Solution

Over the course of two years, Festo passed through the following successive project stages:

  • From the conception on the “international” green field,
  • to user stories and persona descriptions as well as requirements descriptions,
  • System and partner selection,
  • Development of a functional prototype and relevant user scenarios,
  • Usertesting with the relevant personas and evaluation of the results,
  • In-house UX/Design (corporate design compliant and “customized” implementation),
  • Intranet editor training with the system and on working in a decentralized editorial office,
  • Marketing and rollout phase,
  • Integration and fusion of Festo infrastructure and applications and NEOCOSMO’s new technical platform PIIPE Workplace.

With a “big bang”, the new Festo WeNet was launched worldwide at the end of November 2019 and will from now on be the personalized entry point into the digital working world of Festo: Here, employees* will find news from the company, information about departments, the colleague search, their sharepoints and business applications as well as internal services.

In the past few months, the new system has already more than demonstrated its worth and proved its absolute necessity in terms of flexibility and (crisis) communication capabilities. The Corona pandemic has brought new and previously unknown challenges to light for many companies – not least for internal communications. The new WeNet was able to help communicate quickly and appropriately, giving employees a sense of security and an “up to date” feeling – embedded in a stable IT infrastructure and direct, digital exchange – across departments and countries.


  • An “app-like” content concept makes the WeNet hierarchy-free, flexible in terms of content, expandable at any time, and open.

  • The platform is personalized in terms of role, organizational affiliation, location and language preferences, as well as individual user settings and subscriptions to news channels, etc.

  • Whether desktop or mobile – the new WeNet can be used with any Festo device from anywhere.

  • Like content, share news, write comments, don’t miss anything – with the integrated social functions this is possible from now on.

  • All applications at your fingertips: whether your own sharepoints or the business applications relevant to a user: Everything is immediately available from every page, up to project-related collaboration platforms.

  • The fully integrated WeNet search serves the purpose of finding the appropriate data, documents and tools. It goes beyond the content on the intranet and also includes searches in other Festo (product) databases and platforms.

  • Familiarization of the editorial teams within 2h training sessions.