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The intranet of ZKE

The central municipal waste disposal company of the city of Saarbrücken faces the challenge of reaching all employees digitally, especially in times of the Corona virus. Within just a few days, the company implemented its intranet including mobile app based on PIIPE Workplace.

The ZKE Intranet “piep” at a glance

ZKE’s “piepZKE” employee app provides an ideal medium for living out an open, dual, efficient and targeted communication culture with employees while complying with the GDPR. In doing so, the focus is on the employee.

Initial Situation

ZKE Saarbrücken is the central waste disposal company for Saarbrücken. More than two-thirds of the workforce is in the field every day, and only a few employees have regular access to desktop workstations.

This regularly presented the company with the challenge of organizing the flow of information to employees efficiently and reliably:

  • Timely information to all employees was not possible.
  • There was always a highly variable time lag in passing on information.
  • Many processes involving employees were still completely paper-based.
  • Internal communication used to take place via notices.
  • The reverse flow of information was also manual and unstructured, so that employees also previously had no way to get in touch with their contacts at ZKE in an uncomplicated manner.

This meant, for example, that faults could not be reported promptly and processes were inefficient and time-consuming. This was compounded by the tightening of the DSGVO guidelines, which require greater data protection when using personal data.

With the onset of the Corona crisis in early March 2020, ZKE launched the piepZKE project. The need for a digital and social form of digital employee communication has existed for some time, but the need to now use such a solution for crisis communication accelerated the introduction and implementation process.

The Solution

The goal of the project was to optimize internal communication with ZKE employees by enabling the company to communicate with them in a targeted, direct and digital manner.

This was implemented with the mobile intranet incl. employee app “piepZKE” based on PIIPE Workplace. The app raises internal communication and working methods to an innovative level, enabling ZKE and the respective departments to better reach each employee and at the same time improve the exchange among each other, i.e. social communication. It also enables employees* to access important work-related information and processes.

The “piepZKE” employee app makes all this information, tools and services available in a personalized and location-independent manner. Push messages actively inform employees as soon as relevant information is available. The exchange of information in the respective area and between the areas is promoted.

A special feature is that the individuality of the employees is also taken into account in the “piepZKE” app. Although all employees receive the mandatory information that is defined centrally, they can also configure their app according to their own wishes. For example, certain channels and functions can be subscribed to, the language and location version can be customized, and the order of display can be determined individually. In this way, an employee receives the information that is relevant to them.

Employees can access the mobile intranet from their cell phones (via app or mobile browser) just as they can from their PCs, or in group workrooms via the intranet. Whether via browser on the intranet or via app, the information is the same in both cases, but the app differs somewhat in handling and also provides the push information for employees who do not have company email and also do not want to make their private email available (this information is voluntary).

App and intranet were implemented within 3 weeks in a first expansion stage. In a second expansion stage, payrolls, time accounts, etc. can also be conveniently made available with it, so that this information can also be conveniently accessed by employees at any time. Absences such as illness and vacation will then also be requested and approved in just a few clicks. This saves valuable working time for all employees.

The project was commissioned at the end of March 2020 and went straight into implementation. The overall solution consisting of intranet and app was implemented step by step over several expansion stages.


  • Employees are reached better and faster.
    The app can be accessed from anywhere.

  • News, information and knowledge are now in one central place.
    The modern interface and excellent user experience ensure that employees feel at home here.

  • Employees will feel valued by being included in the communication, as they are asked and can give feedback. Surveys, comments and opinions enable feedback and a new communication culture.

  • Employees will feel individually addressed and welcome due to the personalizability. If employees only receive information that interests them, they are more likely to join in the discussion and drive a lively corporate culture and communication.

  • Employees are actively and simultaneously informed about important information through notifications. This accelerates the exchange of information between employees on work-related topics.

  • Employees can get in touch with each other quickly and easily. Important questions can be clarified quickly via chat in the app.

  • Employees can report important information to us. With the reporting function currently being implemented, our employees have a short line to us for ideas, suggestions, improvements and requests. This also conveys to our employees that they are being heard and that their opinions are valued.