PIIPE – The all-in-one solution to meet your needs

PIIPE can be used across industries. Whether for companies, universities, educational institutions or public institutions: With many features and modules that can be individually switched on and off, PIIPE optimally adapts to your needs and you have the right solution for every area of ​​application.

Typically, PIIPE is used in the following scenarios:

Employee magazine

In conjunction with an increasingly digital way of life and work, employees have also become more demanding, which is expressed in a continuous and dialogue oriented information need. Employee motivation through modern communication and appreciation is therefore a success factor for every company. Due to an open and honest reporting, the company credibly demonstrates what it can do and strengthens employees’ confidence. With strategic internal corporate communication, the employee receives orientation about the role and goals of the company in its economic and social environment.

Information platform

The “digital lifestyle” not only has an impact on media usage, but above all brings with it new challenges. Companies and universities report a flood of information in which individuals can not see what is important to them. Monotonous processed content is a common problem. In addition, there is usually a lack of information about what the target group is interested in. PIIPE offers many possibilities to meet these challenges: personalization, a modern design, comprehensive analysis options and much more. Information is always at hand, attractively prepared and motivating.

Campus magazine

Whether for marketing, science communication or networking with students and alumni: an interactive campus magazine offers the opportunity to cross-media communicate news, interviews and service topics around the university. Users can use the platform to search for information, watch videos, read articles, follow channels and topics, network with professors, and participate in quizzes and surveys. In the departments, degree programs and with a large number of employees and students there is every day plenty of material for good stories that are accessible from all devices.

Video portal

“Video is the new text,” said Josh Bersin in 2014. This sentence perfectly suits today’s spirit of most people. Videos change the way we communicate, learn and share knowledge. Employees, pupils and students use videos as a matter of course for learning. Educational institutions and companies are therefore faced with the challenge of how to deliver videos securely and efficiently. The PIIPE Video Platform presents the solution: a video portal for your videos in conjunction with a reliable video management based on the Mastersolution video platform.

Knowledge platform and Micro Learning

A seminar or a computer-based learning program is not the right solution for every occasion. It’s often ‘just’ about understanding a change to a compliance policy or understanding and internalizing a new routine. But how do you manage to get your employees excited about learning?

Micro learning, learning by short sequences, is often a good answer. Use PIIPE to establish micro learning in your organization. Integrate interactive elements and quizzes. Assign badges and certificates and thus promote the skills of your employees.