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Dataportal Social Intranet

PIIPE Workplace The Dataportal: Social Intranet from Dataport AöR Moving together in the digital home Since May 2022, the 4,800 employees have been using the new social intranet based on the PIIPE Workplace platform. More than 400 editors make content available both centrally and locally. In communities and blogs, everyone can participate in internal communication, exchange and networking. Overview of the [...]

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Powered by PIIPE CELM Certified European eLearning Manager The use of modern training technologies is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for companies. With the Certified European E-Learning Manager (CELM) certificate, responsible persons have the decisive know-how to successfully implement e-learning projects and sustainably integrate them into processes. CELM at a glance The e-learning manager course is conducted as blended learning, i.e. [...]



Powered by PIIPE KI-Campus The learning platform for artificial intelligence Get to know AI, study AI, apply AI - these are the goals of the learning platform KI-Campus based on PIIPE Learning. KI Campus at a glance The Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform is designed to enable learners to understand, question, and shape AI. It is aimed at students, professionals and [...]


Powered by PIIPE The online magazine of the University of Konstanz Digital, interactive, cross-media - since the winter semester 2018/2019, a new medium complements the previous formats of science communication at the University of Konstanz. at a glance The digital magazine offers a (tangible) insight into research as well as studies, teaching and campus life at [...]



Powered by PIIPE The UNISPECTRUM of the TU Kaiserslautern "UNISPECTRUM live" gives readers a comprehensive overview of the stories and activities in and around TU Kaiserslautern. The magazine provides the view behind the scenery of research and teaching, describes life all around the campus and shows what TU Kaiserslautern has to offer as an employer. The UNISPECTRUM at a glance In [...]



Powered by PIIPE Campus The web magazine of Saarland University Media usage has changed a lot in recent years. Readers click their way through news portals on the Internet and select what interests them personally. What they like, they "like" and share, forwarding it to many hundreds of readers via social networks. The UdS has responded to this trend. Campus at [...]


The piepZKE

Powered by PIIPE The intranet of ZKE The central municipal waste disposal company of the city of Saarbrücken faces the challenge of reaching all employees digitally, especially in times of the Corona virus. Within just a few days, the company implemented its intranet including mobile app based on PIIPE Workplace. The ZKE Intranet "piep" at a glance ZKE's "piepZKE" employee [...]

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The Festo Press Portal

Powered by PIIPE The Festo Press Portal The goal: A global, multilingual, modern press communication platform for Festo headquarters and all national companies with press releases, press kits, media and videos. The Festo Press Portal at a glance Festo has become a long-standing customer for NEOCOSMO. In addition to the Festo "People.Net", the employee magazine, the "WeNet" as an internal, [...]

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Powered by PIIPE The Eurocontrol Intranet The goal: An intranet platform that distributes information in a targeted manner and provides a central access point for processes and business applications. The Eurocontrol Intranet at a glance As the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol is an international organization for the central coordination of air traffic control in Europe. [...]


The Bossard Learning Portal

Powered by PIIPE The Bossard Learning Portal The Swiss company Bossard uses PIIPE Learning for internal knowledge transfer and training on technical topics. The Bossard Learning Portal at a glance With its training and certification logic for employees, Bossard was faced with the challenge of finding a learning portal capable of handling its complex group structures. With NEOCOSMO and the [...]

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